Friday, March 2, 2012

Pu-erh Tea

I came across this Pu-erh tea by chance, talking to a lady from the Philippines beginning of last year sometime. She was going on and on about how this tea is so great, and how Pu-erh tea is the secret behind Victoria Beckham keeping her shape. She listed a whole load of celebrities and how they swear by this tea. 

Well I purchased the TEA from this lady, (and if I am honest enough only to get her to stop talking).. I thought nothing of it because I do not do fade diets and to me this was a diet!!. Got home that day, through the box of tea to the back of my kitchen press and forgot about it.. till about 3 months ago...

Three months ago I was chatting to a male friend of mine and noticed how trim and toned he had gotten over the last year - I mean the dude lost the pot belly and love handles, skin looking healthier and he just seemed to be bursting with unexplained energy.. 

We started chatting and he basically told me his secret to looking so great. He told me he had been taking the Pu-erh tea for close to a year, changed the way he ate, started eating more fish and veg and less red meats, and he also started the gym. He said I still enjoy a good curry and rice however I add more veg to my plate. He was like I eat almost everything I just put more fish, fibre, fruit and veg into what I eat. He does not eat low fat or diet foods as they are full of sugars, and they just don't taste the same..

He went on to explain how Pu-erh tea has helped in speeding up his metabolism, it also helped curb cravings for sweet things. He found he had extra energy and did not feel sluggish. His bowels worked like a clock, on time, every time, and his skin is even looking great, the dude looks younger. He shared something interesting with me, he said that before this change in lifestyle and drinking this tea, he had been dealing with depression and was on medication. He found that after about 6 months of drinking this tea it helped him cope with depression and even came off anti-depressants ...  Most importantly for himself he noted how his cholesterol levels were reduced as prior he suffered badly with high cholesterol and the doctors had been concerned about this.  

I was taken aback by all this and asked him like how much was he drinking to have found such great benefits. He said on average he would drink about 3-4cups a day specifically after meals.

Sitting there listening to him, but most importantly seeing the results and not just reading researchers reviews, has got me thinking about this fabulous tea no-doubt!! 

Tea in general  is know to be a natural antioxidant  if you drink a lot of tea you are less likely to get cancer. And not just a little bit less likely, a lot! If you drink about four cups of tea a day you are up to 60% less likely to get cancer thanks to the antioxidants in tea leaves. Tea is supposed to be a very strong immune booster. Also I found that studies have confirmed what the Chinese doctors have been telling us for centuries – tea boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight. Drinking a few cups of Pu-erh tea or Green tea  (without the sugar or milk) can have a really good effect on your waistline. Pu-erh tea is strongly believed to have wide ranging health benefits from anti aging, prevention of heart disease and cancer, diabetic control, removal of toxins to curing dysentery, inflammation, aiding digestion and weight loss, improving the eyesight, blood circulation and reviving those who are overly intoxicated with alcohol.

So After speaking to my friend and hearing his testimony about this fabulous tea, reading all the write ups and reviews.. you guessed it!! I've gone into my kitchen press and made me a cuppa Pu-erh. Sitting here hitting these notes on my keyboard and sipping on this tea with all its benefits  thinking about that slim waistline and where this tea will take me LOL!! 

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