Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rib eye roast beef

This is a family speciality, we love serving this at special occasions or if I'm stuck for time and don't feel like standing in front of a stove.

Serves 6-8

2.5kg well hung Rib Roast/Rib Eye (off the bone, if meat is on the bone add an extra 10 mins per kg)
Good size bunch of fresh Rosemary
10 cloves of garlic cleaned and cut in half(I know it sounds loads but work with me here, your roast is going to be bursting in flavours) Keep 3-4 cloves garlic aside uncleaned, roughly smashed.
Salt and pepper for seasoning
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
4- 5 carrots peeled and chopped into chunks
3-4 red onions peeled and cut into quarters
Tin foil/aluminum foil
1/4 cup water

Pre-heat oven to 200degrees

Preheat a large pan on a hob, large enough to sit your roast in it.

Wash and pat dry your roast well, you want to get rid of most of the moisture.
Pierce holes all over the roast as deep as you can. You want to start filling the holes with garlic and rosemary, (don't mind if you get some of the garlic and rosemary sticking out of the holes)
Season meat well all over with salt and pepper, ensuring to cover every area.
In a hot pan, place your roast and begin to seal the meat all over until it is nice and brown,

In an oven tray place carrots, onions and garlic and a few sprigs of rosemary, place sealed meat onto of vegetables and drizzle with olive oil.
Tear a big enough piece of tin foil/ aluminum foil to cover the roasting pan, add water and seal tray well to prevent air from escaping.

Place tray in oven and roast for 1hr 30mins at 200degrees and then remove foil and reduce heat to a 180degrees and roast for a further 20mins basting the meat regularly. Switch off oven and leave to rest at least 30mins before serving. Keep the juices for a gravy

Serve with roasted potatoes, vegetables of choice and a nice gravy reduction.

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