Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea time

I love me a cuppa cha (tea).. When the kids are driving me crazy and I need some me time a cuppa tea is the one for me lol..Lyons Irish tea with a dash of milk and a teaspoon of sugar to chase those worries away. 
Tea oh glorious tea.. English Tea, Irish Tea, Green Tea, Chai Tea, Pu-Erh Tea, Rooibos Tea its all one in the same TEA. Some are sweet some are pungent some denote fruit flavours and some are right down bitter and nasty in taste..

Recently I have been tea crazy, went out and bought a whole load of teas and this is what I think about them:-

Rooibos Ginger Peach by English Tea Shop :- I bought this tea particularly for my middle daughter who has allergies. I was attracted to the fact it was flavoured as she has dairy allergies and cant have milk in her tea. This tea is caffeine free and sugar free and it only has 3 ingredients listed :- Rooibos, ginger pieces and peach flavour

I was amazed at how pungent in fruit flavour this tea is once brewed. You instantly get a great whiff of peach when you add hot water. The taste is fantastic you get a hint of ginger followed by full notes of peach and then the sweet nutty flavour of the Rooibos. The kids absolutely loved this tea and there was no need to add sugar because the fruit and Rooibos gives it a natural sweet taste. I would recommend this tea any day.

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